In my garden designs I enjoy exploring the balance between lush greenery and architecture. A balance between the spontaneous expression of nature and minimalist architectural interventions. I want to allow the natural, intuitive beauty of the landscape to express itself and thus enhance the connection with its surroundings. I choose to add features that enrich the garden experience and are adequate both for the present and for the future.

Andrew is well known for his subtle and minimalistic design approach and is always curious about new concepts in garden and landscape architecture. He is driven to find the intersection, that perfect balance between the natural and the human, where nature not only welcomes but embraces architectural gestures. He works to strengthen the sense of place by connecting with the underlying landscape.

In his vision, Andrew believes every place tells the story of the landscape it belongs to. A garden’s connection with its natural surroundings is a given, which can be enhanced through a correct and inspired composition of elements and a unique assortment of plants. For Andrew, the art lies in capturing the beauty and strength of the neighbouring landscape and recreating it.

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