In Andrew’s garden designs he enjoys exploring the balance between lush greenery and architecture. A balance between the spontaneous expression of nature and minimalist architectural interventions. He wants to allow the natural, intuitive beauty of the landscape to express itself and thus enhance the connection with its surroundings.
More and more he is searching to work with nature. Searching a symbioses with nature, and act like we are a guests in the landscape.

Lush nature

Minimalist architectural interventions


Looking at nature

The natural landscape is always a source of inspiration for his garden designs.
Think about the nearby forest where you walk your dog, the beach where you wonder the horizon or the hills and mountains, where you go for a hike
Each region, all over the globe, has its unique qualities that Andrew loves to come back to and to recreate in a garden.

As a designer, he’s always curious about new approaches in garden and landscape architecture. It’s all about finding the intersection, that perfect balance between the natural and the human, where nature not only welcomes but embraces architectural gestures.

Every place tells the story of the landscape it belongs to. A garden’s connection with its natural surroundings is a given which can be enhanced through a correct and inspired composition of elements and a unique assortment of plants. The art lays in capturing the beauty and strength of the neighbouring landscape and recreating it. If a garden rouses emotion, He considers his mission accomplished.

Capturing a place’s soul

The power of the natural landscape

Contrast with sophisticated architectural gestures


The strength of a detail

Everything that draws attention has beauty. Large architectonic elements often go unnoticed, but steers the perception on a subconscious level. It is small accents that awaken curiosity and incite the viewer to stand still and become aware of his/her surroundings. Design that focuses on details can never be outdated because details will always fascinate and surprise. Andrew is constantly asking himself: what goes, what doesn’t?
Creating silence in a garden design, a silence that creates a poetic ambiance, is mostly the result of composing with big gestures, minimalist approach and making  well balanced choice in the details to use.

Search for refined detailing


The natural character of materials

In his garden designs, Andrew chooses materials that speak for themselves. Every material already knows how to express itself: He would rather not paint wood, but let it age naturally in the outdoors. With paving he prefers either grey or in natural tones. From an international perspective, the materials should always fit in with the local climate and atmosphere.
He enjoy working with concrete in combination with wood and coated steel. The refinement of wood and the malleability of steel contrast beautifully with the rough nature of concrete.

Natural identity of the material


Aware about responsibility

Andrew believes that a garden is part of the bigger landscape. Therefore the garden design should be beneficial to the bigger, surrounding landscape. In this way the natural habitat for plant, animals and human is strengthened.
Whenever he makes a choice of material, he is careful that it fits in with the authentic character of the area. An old Italian olive tree or a Bali palm tree will never truly belong in a garden in the northern hemisphere (unless it’s indoors or an enclosed patio). The same applies to brightly coloured stone. He never uses such exotic details because light in the northern hemisphere is so different than the climates where olive or palm trees glow naturally. In his work overseas, He applies the same principles, matching the materials he chooses to use with the local climate and colours.
Furthermore, he strives to use sustainable materials as much as possible. Can we recycle? Where did that stone come from? He sees sustainability as a growth process. Even though sometimes he had to work with Chinese stone, he always look for resources that make sense, for alternatives that are closer to home. This philosophy definitely also applies to wood. Ready-made solutions are not always available, but there are more and more options to choose from.

Increasing biodiversity in the garden, using native species and a wide range of plants


At home in the garden

Your garden or outdoor area is the place where you rest. The space you come home to and literally get grounded. A garden is more than a pretty thing to look at. You can relax, play or work in a garden atelier. It is the place where you get together with your friends and family for some afternoon fun or late night debates.