Home & Garden | april 2017

Connecting the landscape, An article about my own allotment garden in Wassnaar (The Netherlands) in a Dutch garden magazine Home&Garden

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De Tuin in vier seizoenen | September 2016

Article about a forest garden in Laren | being like a guest in the landscape

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Home & Garden | september 2016

Article about the studiogarden in Amsterdam

Drieklomp Exclusive Living magazine | Spring 2015

An article about the relevance of garden architecture

De Tuin | december 2014

Article about a big villa garden in Noord-Holland, the Neteherlands

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LandscapeMe "magazine in the Middle East" | January 2013

Report of a garden in Delft, adjacent to the typical Netherland landscape

Chic Gardens Concept | September-October 2012

Patio Garden in the spotlight

Groei & Bloei | balcony garden in Vlaardingen | september 2012

Strong lines define balcony garden

Terra Architectura | about water in two garden designs | februari 2012

About water in two garden designs

Interview on BNR radio | june 2010

An interview about garden trends for a Dutch radio station (this interview in in Dutch)

FD persoonlijk | Financieel Dagblad | April 2010

This is an Dutch report

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Publication in a garden book | Meesterlijke tuinen | mei 2009

ELLE garden | april 2009

A report about two garden in the trending magazine ELLE (this is a Dutch report)

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